In 2011 I was asked by special request to repaint the face of 3 mannequins and costume them. For a private collector that is a collector of classic and new comic book characters. Such as Batman, Catwoman, ect. He has a very large collection in Orange County. he is the proud owner of the original Superman Costume from the Movies. The Mannequin you see displayed here is the original Harley-Quin, the Joker's sidekick from Batman. I repainted the face to resemble the features of the character, and recreated painstakingly the costume from fabric that best suited the persona. Like repainting and costuming and doll, except this is on a human size scale, I pulled it off and he proudly displays it among his collection. I also created the original Batgirl costume and fitted to mannequin with repaint and wig placement. I also created the Harley-Quinn from the latest video game, and my knowledge of commicon costuming helps. I offer mannequin redressing and repaint any charcter and any jaunra, even mermaid or fairy. Questions please email me


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