Where Fantasy Lives, Breathes and Comes to Life....Realism and Surrealism Merge as one...

Fine Art By V. Pacheco VanVelzen- Bohemian Mermaid Art Studio(c)


My Style

I approach my work with a unique perspective that all walks of life may enjoy art . My style and technique are as wide as the sea and as flexible as a willow tree. I have taken few art classes, spending 3 years in college, working on a art degree, my works comes from years of developing my techinique, trial and error, and hard work. I am a natural raw and developed artist. I love the Realm of Fantasy, and the Natural settings of nature, with my earthy nature, I strive to bring every painting come to life.

Kind words from kind art collectors:

Someone once said, my art and dolls tells a story.

In the past years, I have Art sent to Japan, Australia, within the United States, England, China, and Europe.

I have had people tell me my colour and detail are exquiste, and should be in a gallery, and that I have a eye for detail.


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